Joyner Lucas Announces “ADHD” Release Date & 2 More Projects


Though Joyner Lucas hasn’t exactly been stingy with his new music, many fans have been left frustrated by the lack of concrete information surrounding his ADHD album. In the past, the lyricist expressed an interest in releasing the album in single-song fragments, with the most recent chapter being today’s “Revenge.” Yet even Joyner himself seems confused by his unconventional rollout, as evidenced by a brand new interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1. 

Explaining that a difficult transition going from signed to independent did his cause little favors, Lucas promises that ADHD as he intended it is coming in March. “Before March is over, ADHD will be out in its entirety,” vows Joyner, before revealing that “Revenge” came from a dark place. “I was in a bad mood when I did that song,” he laughs. “It’s always fun, man. This music stuff to me is always fun. It’s not a job to me. It’s my life, it’s like a hobby.” 

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“I never really felt like I had to rush to release an album,” he continues. “I had a lot of records planned out for it…I decided to drop them incrementally. But I knew I wanted to release ADHD altogether, but I wanted to wait for the situation to get better.” He also pledges that 2020 will find him emerging as one of the game’s most consistent artists. “There’s a lot of fans that don’t like [increments],” says Joyner. “It’s in the culture to give somebody a full body of work, something they can digest – pause. After I release ADHD, from that point on I plan on releasing another two projects in March. Full bodies of work. Let’s go.”

He also claims that half of the album has already been released, so draw your own conclusions there. “Again, the reason I had to do it like that is cause of the transition I was making,” he confirms. “I apologize for the inconsistency I’ve shown throughout the majority of my career. 2020 I’m not touring, it definitely messes me up too. It takes away from my focus on making music.” Check out the full conversation below. 


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