Joyner Lucas Reveals Petty Origin Behind “Tully” App


Every so often, the temptation to indulge in petty revenge comes a-knocking. The wiser course of action is to simply ignore those dark urges all together, satisfying though it may be to succumb. Yet Joyner Lucas opted to throw caution to the wind and lay the foundation to his empire upon the very name of a former foe. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Following news that Joyner’s “Tully” app recently secured funding from Sony Music, the rapper took to Instagram to reflect on his latest milestone. “As the co-founder of @tullyapp I am proud to announce my partnership with @sonymusic,” he writes. “I been building this app for years with my manager @anonymousinnovator and I knew it was going to revolutionize the music game and change everything.”

Yet this house was not entirely built on wholesome ground. Joyner would soon go to reveal the Tully name initially came from a former substitute teacher, one Robert Tully, who became somewhat of a nemesis. “The irony of this whole situation is where the name “Tully” came from,” reflects Joyner, in a Twitter post that may very well find itself deleted should the namesake come a-knocking. “I had a substitute school teacher named “Robert Tully” who had it out for me & literally failed me every semester he was teaching. Lol because I’m petty I decided to name my app “Tully.” Hi Robert.” 

Is there a moral of this particular story? If so, can it be anything other than pettiness pays? 


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