JPEGMAFIA Borrows A Feeling On “Bodyguard”


Fans have come to love JPEGMAFIA for his unapologetic willingness to do whatever the hell he wants on a musical level, even if that means getting experimental on a whim. Sometimes, an artist’s creative instincts can lead to some mysterious places, and “BODYGUARD” is as strange an offering as they come. Musically, JPEG opts for a lo-fi, emo-tinged vibe, laying down a smooth progression as he weaves his fantasies on wax.

For the most part, it’s unclear as to whether JPEG is taking the piss with this one; while he rarely takes himself seriously, it feels like “BODYGUARD” is the manifestation of cabin fever and a lonely heart. His dulcet tones soar to robotic peaks as he screeches an autotune falsetto. His pain becomes our own, likewise do his tears. As Ja Rule once said, Pain Is Love. Today, JPEGMAFIA has countered with his own question — Is Love Pain? Check out the emotionally devastating “BODYGUARD” now, and sound off — are you buying what JPEG is selling?


Girl, don’t do me like that, you know I want it
I know you want the credit cards, the fancy cars
I know you want the world
I told your momma I’m comin’, I got no refunds
I told your baby it’s rented tonight


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