JPEGMAFIA Brings Gems To Streaming With “EP!”


Though JPEGMAFIA’s latest project EP! isn’t entirely new per se — at least, not to his many longtime fans familiar with his deeper catalog, it does mark the first time that the collection has appeared on streaming platforms. Between that and the new song “Super Tuesday,” which he’s added to close out the aptly-titled EP, it’s a nice surprise for JPEG completionists worldwide. Fueled by songs released throughout the year, ranging from the Denzel Curry-assisted “Bald” to the eclectic “Covered In Money,” there are plenty of self-produced songs to unpack. 

As he tells it, however, EP! doesn’t technically count as a project. Speaking with Zane Lowe, JPEG maintains that he has been plotting a proper return in 2021, having decided to undergo a complete reset in 2020,” he explains. “I don’t do anything without thinking about it very deeply beforehand. So I’ve already started. I actually didn’t give away anything, but in 2021, you know, I didn’t release a project this year, in 2021, I’m going to be doing a lot of shit That’s just all I’ll say.”

In the meantime, check out JPEG’s collection of loosies officially repackaged as EP! right now, and sound off — are you a fan of the Baltimore rapper’s unique and boundary-pushing sound?