JT Goes Viral After Young Fan Asks If She Has Beef With Nicki Minaj


As it goes, “kids say the darndest things,” and JT learned that lesson while on Instagram Live with a youngster named Logan. The City Girls rapper often spends time communicating with her fans, and Logan received the opportunity to chat while sharing a screen with the Florida artist. During their discussion, Logan had a few questions—and opinions—that he wanted to share, and the moment quickly went viral.

“This little boy been asking me to go live with him for the longest he’s so innocent & sweet I hate how people try to make everything negative he’s 13. & a fan of us all I was honestly not in the mood I hate when ppl take the worst out of sh*t,” JT wrote in the caption to a video of her Live with Logan. She wanted to make sure that people understood he’s a kid undeserving of harsh criticism.

“I’m surprised that you’ve never done a song with Nicki Minaj, like, do you have any beef with her,” asked Logan in the clip. JT answered with a smile, “Oh, no baby. I don’t got no beef.” Logan said that he “loved Nicki Minaj” and JT echoed his sentiment. Then, Logan gave his thoughts on whether or not he believed a collaboration with the Barb queen and the City Girls would work out.

“But like, I don’t know if I could see y’all doing a song together,” Logan added. “If y’all do, that’s good, but I don’t know if I see y’all doing a song together.” He abruptly cut the Live short and said that he had to leave, but his innocent, and sassy, nature captured hearts. It didn’t take long for the clip to circulate, and soon, everyone had something to say about the funny exchange.