JT Has A Message For Haters Shaming Her Fashion Choices


The other half of the City Girls rap duo JT has made it clear in the past that she’s not afraid to respond directly to critics, oftentimes doing so on her respective social media channels. The Miami native has recently been in the center of numerous internet scandals, including catching flack for some resurfaced old tweets and blocking a fan with cancer. The “Flewed Out” rapper recently took to Instagram stories to respond to haters once again, this time with a message for people who had something to say about her recent street style choices. 

“I don’t want y’all to understand nothing about me I want y’all to be so confused til y’all leave me. alone I don’t want to dress look or f*ck the same type as y’all,” penned the 28-year-old recording artist in her story on Saturday (April 3). 

“If you don’t like what i do, what I wear, how I look, the unfollow button right there but you love it here!” she continued. “So you gonna watch me stalk me talk sh*t, dying for a reply…I’m not gone even tag what I got on… stay in y’all lane & get off my dick I love my life I want my life to keep changing!!!”

In a second post, she wrote, “False narratives, think pieces & paragraphs about a b*tch you so called don’t like get y’all STUCK ass on!!!” 

While she didn’t refer to it directly, she’s likely responding to internet users who tore her apart for a recent fit she rocked while out on a date night with her current beau Lil Uzi Vert. The nipple-baring outfit received mixed receives on social media from fans, with many pointing out her recent change in fashion aesthetics.

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