Judge In G Herbo Fraud Cause Allows Him To Communicate With Team & Half Brother: Report


Late last year, G Herbo shocked his listeners when he was named in a $1.5 million federal fraud case. The Chicago rapper and his crew were accused of using stolen IDs to make luxury purchases like designer dogs, private jets, and exotic car rentals, eventually totaling $1.5 million. Herbo maintains his innocence and surrendered himself to authorities, being released conditionally shortly thereafter. Among the several conditions of his release was a “no contact” list of people he’s not allowed to speak to. According to new court documents obtained by The Shade Room, the rapper has successfully been granted an amendment to his “no contact” list.  

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for PUMA

“In order to comply with the Conditions of his Release and maintain his work in the music and entertainment industry, it is necessary and essential that Wright be permitted to contact Joseph Bowden, Diandre Davis, Kimberly Fernandez, Mykkel Nance and Deandre Woods because all individuals are directly involved in his work,” the documents obtained by the publication read.

The names included are his manager, his business partner, tour manager, and his brother, which makes sense considering an additional condition of his release is to maintain employment. As a recording artist, working without these crucial team members is quite difficult. His attorney also notes in the docs that Kimberly Fernandez is the defendant’s aunt and part-time personal assistant while Cecil Davis is his half-brother. 

“Additionally, the Government’s ‘No Contacts’ list includes Cecil Davis, who is Wright’s half-brother. Wright and Davis are potential guests at the same family events, and therefore, Wright respectfully requests that he be permitted to contact Davis,” his attorney wrote.

The judge in his case Magistrate Judge Katherine A. Robertson approved the request, seemingly agreeing with his listed explanations.  

In other G Herbo news, who is due back in court in May, is expecting his second child with his current beau Taina Wiliams. We’ll keep you updated on further developments in G Herbo’s federal fraud case.