Juice WRLD’s “Fire In The Booth” Freestyle Is Here & It’s Incredible


We lost a good one, y’all. Chicago rapper Juice WRLD passed away at the young age of twenty-one this month, shocking the world and causing the hip-hop community to mourn yet another one of the rising greats. Many believe that, had he been given the appropriate time to grow as an artist and expand his catalog, Juice WRLD could have been a legend. The numbers were there and the attention was mostly all positive. Clearly, the man had demons in his mind and, after it was all said and done, he may have succumbed to them. Whenever he hopped in the booth, the “Lucid Dreams” rapper came out with full songs. He never had to write entire verses. All he needed was a microphone and his voice. A Deathrace For Love was mostly freestyled and after watching his Fire In The Booth video, you’ll realize why that isn’t so farfetched.

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Juice WRLD just had an ear for music. The man was special. Charlie Sloth just released his previously never-seen Fire In The Booth episode, which spans nearly fifteen minutes. According to the radio host, Juice did not ask to hear the beats before getting on the mic. Most artists craft out a written verse for the show but the Chicagoan dropped four complete songs off the dome, freestyling the complete thing like a madman.

Watch the video below, which was released as a tribute to the late artist. Charlie refers to it as “one of the greatest freestyles ever.” It was recorded in February of this year.

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