Juicy J Fans Clown Him For Advising People Not To Get Vaccinated


Many people are out and about without masks and foregoing social distancing now that COVID-19 vaccines are plentiful. After millions of people spent upwards of a year avoiding the outdoors and physical contact with other people as much as possible, many countries are back into the swing of things as we all adjust to the new normal. President Joe Biden has declared that vaccines will be available to all American citizens within weeks, and as exciting as that may be for some, Juicy J isn’t on board.

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Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

The Three 6 Mafia icon recently tweeted his distrust of the vaccine. “If I was you , I wouldn’t get vaccinated I would wear a mask and take vitamins,” wrote J. Swiftly, fans dropped a few gems about Juicy J’s past lyrical content where he openly rapped about using drugs and drinking Lean. One person responded, “Hey juice. Big fan. You told me to sip on sizzurp when I was in the 7th grade. Ima just say sit this one out playa.”

Several others followed with their two cents about the Oscar-winning producer’s take on the topic and many disagreed. Check out a few reactions to Juicy J’s tweet below ad let us know if you trust the vaccines.