Juicy J Fined Three 6 Mafia Members If They Did Too Many Drugs, Crunchy Black Says


There have been few parties prior to the pandemic that didn’t have at least one Juicy J song in rotation. During his comeback as a member of Taylor Gang, he became everyone’s wild uncle that took too many drugs and smoked more weed than humanly imaginable. It’s a public image that he carried with him from Three 6 Mafia’s heyday but he made sure that it never affected his business, according to Crunchy Black.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

During a recent interview with VladTV, Crunchy Black recalled some of the strict rules that were put in place to make sure that no member of Three 6 Mafia went overboard with the vices. He explained that both Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca’s death were from health issues, not drugs, because Juicy J made it clear that he wasn’t playing. 

“Nah, none of us actually OD’d or no shit like that,” he said, adding that Juicy J took on a leadership role within the group to make sure everyone was on a straight path. “Juicy is the father of all of Three 6 Mafia and he would tell you, ‘N***a, if you do too much? We fining you.’ And he’ll fine the fuck out of you and Paul would be with him with that shit. I appreciated them niggas for them fines. I’m still here ’cause if it wasn’t for the fines, I probably would be gettin’ high as fuck.”

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However, it wasn’t simply taking substances that would spark a fining but rather, allowing the drugs to interfere with any of their operations. “[Juicy J didn’t fine Three 6 Mafia] if we got high but if we let the drugs get in the way of studio, shows, important stuff that they would set up for u because we wanted them to do it and that was they job,” he explained. “And then we’d come behind them when they set up big shit like this and then we don’t show up or we show up fucked up on drugs.”

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