Juicy J Wants To Produce Records For Flo Milli & Morray: “Reach Out”


There have been plenty of conversations in Rap and Hip Hop circles about veterans being out of touch with the rising, chart-topping artists of younger generations. “Old Heads” are often spoken about as being critical, but Juicy J has managed to evolve with the culture, not fight against it, resulting in longevity. The Grammy Award-winning rapper-producer recently caught up with Genius for their Co-Sign series, and on it, Juicy J reacted to rap hits from several rising artists.

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Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“I never say a song is a hit until it becomes a hit,” said J. “It’s a lot of records that have got nominated and won Grammys that probably wasn’t really hits. I don’t call a song a hit until I hear it in the club, people talking about it. I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s a hit.'” After breaking down the difference between a “good song” and a “hit,” Juicy J jumped right into analyzing the three artists’ tracks.

First, Mario Judah’s controversial “Die Very Young” single was played and J said that “festivals are gonna love that joint.” He added, “I like it, and Imma tell you why I like it: it’s different. I feel like different sh*t works.” Next was Flo Milli, and it was clear that Juicy J approved of her bars.

“I love this female wave that’s going on right now,” he said. “She sounded good. I f*ck with her lyrics. I need to produce a record for her. Tell her to reach out.” He felt the same way about Morray, praising the rapper’s flow and saying that his “voice reminds me of a Luther Vandross voice.” Watch below to check out what else he had to say about Pooh Shiesty, CJ, and Blxst.