Justin Bieber Rehashes 2019 Unicycle Mishap To Produce Bunch Of Memes


Back in October, a photo made its rounds on the Internet of Justin Bieber falling off a unicycle. The photo captured him mid-air, awkwardly hunched over, as he appeared to be heading straight into a face-plant. While people got a good laugh out of the accident when the photo first circulated, it somehow must have not popped up on The Biebs’ radar until now because he shared it on Monday with the caption, “WTF HAHA”. His wife, Hailey, proved she was already in the loop by commenting, “You know this is my favorite photo.” 

Whether Bieber only just discovered the hilarious picture now or not, he’s having some fun with it. Since posting the original shot, he has been flooding our Instagram feeds with memes that photoshop his falling body into various settings. The lot includes him being beamed up into a UFO, body-slamming a wrestler, entering a dinosaur’s mouth and hanging from a basketball hoop. If you have any other creative ways to play around with this meme format, post it and tag Bieber. It seems there’s a good chance he’ll enjoy it and repost. 

These memes on his page follow a bunch of photos of babies captioned #yummy to promote his new song. Bieber released the first single off his forthcoming album last Friday and dropped its music video on Saturday. Read what “Yummy” says about the musical direction Biebs is taking, here.  

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