Justin Bieber’s “Justice” Climbs Back To Number 1 On The Charts


Justin Bieber has been a massive pop star ever since he was a teenager and while he has certainly had his struggles over the years, there is no denying that he knows how to make hits seemingly at will. Over the past year, Bieber has opted to go with a more R&B approach, and he has also entered the social justice lane. His latest project Justice is an example of this and so far, the new approach has led to quite a bit of commercial success.

After dropping his album, Justice ended up number 1 on the Billboard charts, only to be dethroned by Rod Wave the following week. Now, Justice is right back at number 1 on the charts as he was able to sell 74K units, according to Complex.

Justin Bieber

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This is the first time Bieber has had an album at number one for multiple weeks since 2010, which is proof that his new music is resonating with fans like it never has before. With pop and r&b seeing massive resurgences over the past couple of years, Bieber seems to be thriving and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon.

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Justin Bieber

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