K. Michelle Calls Her Former Surrogate A “Clown,” Accuses Her Of “Clout Chasing”


She’s expressed her desire to start a family for quite some time, and after careful consideration, K. Michelle and her boyfriend Dr. Kasten Sims decided to use a surrogate. On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, K. shared the journey she was taking with her surrogate, Tannae, and spoke about how wonderful the young lady was. However, Tannae seemed to be having some personal issues of her own, and K. Michelle seemed to grow tired of Tannae wanting to hang out and talk on the phone all of the time as if they were best friends.

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In a recent interview with Madame Noire, the singer revealed that she still wants to have twins via a surrogate, but she’s explored other options. K. Michelle revealed that she met Tannae at an Ikea store and after feeling as if they had a divine meeting, Tannae eventually became the singer’s possible surrogate. K. gave her gas money, paid for her four children’s birthday parties, and has been there for Tannae when she had nothing, but then Tannae allegedly went behind her back, signed a contract for Love & Hip Hop, and then used the storyline as “bargaining power against” the singer.

When asked about Tannae, K. said, “Oh hell no. I’m not using that clown.” She also said that Tannae only negotiated a $500 payment for her appearance on the reality show and then the production company didn’t pay up on time. “You’re blowing up the network over $500 and calling all of my producers and everything, embarrassing me and these relationships that I’ve built all of these years for $500,” K. added. “I know $500 is a lot to some people, but you got yourself in this situation.”

“So I decide, I’m not going to do this, and you get on YouTube and make a whole YouTube about me, but thank God I’ve never told you one piece of business about me, so it didn’t go far,” the singer continued. “But [her man] doing all the talking. He still got dreams of being a rapper, one of those types of n*ggas. What you gon’ take the money I’m giving, this big ol’ lump sum of money that you ain’t never seen? That could have been something for some kids. But sometimes we be so stupid just clout chasing. You just f*cked up with me, and now I’m not buying a barrette. So now I want a surrogate who don’t know not one K. Michelle song. Don’t know not one! I’m not offended. That’s who I’m looking for. I will be putting it in, and then I will deal with [Dr. Sims]. But right now, we’ve got to deal with these kids because they’re important.”

Watch K. Michelle confront Tannae on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood below.

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