K Michelle Compares R. Kelly To Elvis: “All I Want Is The Same Energy”


R. Kelly’s situation’s made headlines all across the world this year. Although no one should necessarily be shocked about these claims, considering many of his current charges relate to his 2008 acquittal, there are more people willing to cooperate with authorities in order to lock him up. Collaborators and business partners distanced themselves from him while his former publicist publicly stated that he wouldn’t trust the singer with his own daughter but there have been a few people who’ve had an interesting take on Kelly’s situation.

K. Michelle came up under R. Kelly’s wing and she paints Kelly is a different light than most. In a recent interview with Nick Cannon, she explained that Kelly was controlling but it was only in regards to her music and her work ethic in the studio. She recounted where she was when she first heard news of his arrest earlier this year and it kind of brought things back full circle in a way.

“I just remember, I was in the booth, and I was with Jazzy Pha. I was standing in the booth as they were taking him into jail and I was looking through the booth at the TV. And to be standing in the booth and to see that, I just lost it,” she explained. “I know right is right and wrong is wrong but I don’t have a heaven or a hell to put this person in.”

K. Michelle also suggested that there’s also an underlying race factor in the narrative surrounding R. Kelly in comparison to someone like Elvis Presley who was known to have sexual relationships with underage women. “I do know that if Elvis can pick up his wife at 14 from high school, you know what I’m sayin’? All I want is the same energy. 

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