K. Michelle Says R. Kelly Would Only Approve Of T-Pain As The “Other King Of R&B”


R. Kelly doesn’t have that many friends in the industry that are willing to vouch for him these days. Following the release of Surviving R. Kelly, there weren’t many who were willing to stand by his side. Many of his collaborators in the industry distanced themselves from him with a few even removing collabs with him from streaming services. 

K. Michelle, however, has been rocking with him, though. She hasn’t necessarily defended him but she has attempted to point out the hypocrisy in the public backlash towards the singer. She and R. Kelly have a tight relationship that stems back from when he essentially discovered her and helped her sign a record deal. So, even if she does or doesn’t support Kelly, she doesn’t actually have anything bad to say about him, at least publicly. Most recently, she not only dubbed him as the King of R&B but she also revealed who she thinks the Pied Piper would approve as the “other King of R&B.”

“The only other king of R&B that R. Kelly would’ve approved of is T-Pain,” she wrote. “I’m just talking musicality.”

This statement obviously upset a lot of people but she continued to defend her stance on the topic in subsequent tweets. 

Has T-Pain done enough to be dubbed the King of R&B? Sound off in the comments. 

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