K. Michelle Spent Some Time On OnlyFans: “Omg!!! Tyga Page is Hotttt!”


Just in case you were wondering what celebrities have on their private OnlyFans pages, K. Michelle is here to give you a few details. OnlyFans became the “it” way to make money during the quarantine and soon, celebrities were creating accounts and raking in millions. While some avoided risqué content altogether, some artists opted to turn their OnlyFans accounts into full-on pornography pages. People like Bella Thorne finessed fans who thought they would see more than they did, while others are giving their subscribers a full show.

K Michelle, Only Fans, Trey Songz, Tyga
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images

K. Michelle took to her Twitter account to share that she spent a few hours of her day perusing through some famous OnlyFans accounts and she shared a couple of her favorites. The singer chatted with fans who gave her hints as to who to check out, and it seems that she stopped by Trey Songz and Tyga’s profiles.

“I don’t see anything raunchy for real on there. I’ve been buying people’s Only fans all day. Let me go buy Trey Songz page and see,” K. Michelle wrote. “Treys Page is nice! It isn’t even raunchy. He looks classic. Very handsome.” Later, she stopped by Tyga’s page and it wasn’t as wholesome. “Omg!!! Tyga page is hotttt! It’s sexual but still gives me artistic. I love it.”

The singer said she had a good time on OF today. Who holds down your favorite OF account?