Kanye West Announces New Album “Jesus Is Born”


Kanye West is as wily as they come. When you think he’s about to go left, he dives to the right in a dolphin-esque fashion. Between forcing proverbial purity rings upon the fingers of his collaborators to deeming hip-hop “the devil’s music” in a rant that would get lesser rappers canceled, Kanye West’s Jesus Is King rollout has been as strange and nonsensical as you might imagine. While he and Zane Lowe remain locked in an eternal tete-a-tete, the newfound devotee to the G.O.D. has been dropping bombshell after bombshell. As he tells it, he’s got yet another new album arriving on Christmas Day, titled Sunday Service: Jesus Is Born.

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According to HHNMSunday Service: Jesus Is Born will be his second album of the year, a lofty goal for a man prone to delaying on a whim. Still, while the “In Yeezy We Trust” movement has lost momentum in recent years, there remain those unwaveringly loyal to his cause. It’s as of yet unclear whether he’ll keep a conceptual throughline between Jesus Is King and Jesus Is Born, but the titles do raise a question — if this is truly a series, would Jesus Is King then be the sequel? 

While we wait for further details surrounding his spontaneously announced Jesus Is Born Christmas album, sound off in the comment section. Are you standing by your man, or is Kanye West’s passionate sermon destined to make an atheist out of you yet? 

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