Kanye West Believes Running For President Ruined His Marriage


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially getting a divorce which is news that didn’t come as much of a shock considering everything that has gone on between these two over the last few months. Kanye and Kim had been separated for some time and after Kanye’s abortion comments during his Presidential run, his time with Kim K was all but over.

Now, Kanye is in the midst of processing what happened with his marriage, and in a new report from People Magazine, it seems like the artist is aware of his mistakes. A source close to Kanye claims he feels like the Presidential run is ultimately what ended things, and he regrets ever going through with it in the first place.

Kanye & Kim.

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“He’s in that place of ‘if only,'” the source explained. “‘If only I had done this, if only I hadn’t done that.’ He’s processing things. He thinks that the Presidential run was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” the source adds. “Before that, there was hope. After that, none. It cost him his marriage.”

Kanye’s bid for the Presidency didn’t get him very far as he amassed a low number of votes that ultimately made his run look like a farce. Kanye was never a viable candidate, to begin with, as the United States has never been a country that rewards third parties.

With Kanye and Kim in the midst of their divorce, stay tuned to HNHH as we will continue to bring you updates on the proceedings.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

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