Kanye West Celebrates 1 Year Of Sunday Service On Los Angeles’ Skid Row


Sunday marked a full year since Kanye West first debuted his Sunday Service program, and he decided to bring in its anniversary by taking the good gospel to Los Angeles’ Skid Row. West visited the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles to hold this week’s program. Bringing along the Sunda Service choir to the homeless shelter.

Naturally, he took the opportunity to deliver on a typical sermon of sorts, opening up about a number of topics that included his reflection on a full year of Sunday Service.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

In his speech, he touched on the difficulty of speaking out about what he’s most passionate about when faced with the possibility of his words being taken out of context. He would even allude to the controversy surrounding T.I.’s revelation of taking his daughter to the gynecologist for a yearly check to make sure that she is still a virgin.

“They tried to play T.I., but he’s talking about something that’s God-approved,” he began. “It’s 30 states that still got the death penalty. Thou shall not kill. But, we be cool with that.”

He went on to speak on Los Angeles’ homelessness epidemic, encouraging those in attendance: “We can find a solution–worldwide solution.” 

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