Kanye West “Jesus Is King” First Impressions: What Do You Think?


Now that we’ve all had a few hours to fully digest Kanye West’s new album Jesus Is King, it’s time to determine what we think of it. Our official review will be coming in a few days but it’s already time for first impressions. Thus far, the overall reception to the gospel-tinged album is positive with many fans and stans alike noting that the project was worth the wait. After numerous setbacks and false alarms, we can all finally listen to JIK and social media is going bonkers. Currently the top trend worldwide, Kanye has done it once again. This is what people are saying.

With plenty of quotable lyrics (that Chick-fil-A bar tho!!!), a Clipse reunion, a stellar Kenny G solo and more wonderful moments, Jesus Is King is basically all it was hyped up to be. Even if you’re not religious, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself vibing out to this. After all, it’s still Kanye Freaking West. 

Whether the new album has you converting to Christianity or if you’re not feeling any of the tracks, this is sure to be the most consumed new release of the week. What did you think after your first listen? Let us know in the comments and check out a round-up of some responses below.

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