Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Channel “The Flinstone’s” For Adorable Costume


Halloween has been particularly entertaining this year as it seems like celebrities have been going above and beyond with their various costumes. We’ve seen some pretty creative get-ups so far this year and now, the West/Kardashian clan is trying to outdo everyone with these latest outfits. As you can imagine, the whole thing was curated by Kim since we don’t really expect Kanye to put together much of a Halloween wardrobe. After all, it’s Kim who is the social media mogul in the family.

All four of their kids looked adorable in Flinstone’s costumes while Kanye hilariously rocked the Dino outfit. We have no clue what Kanye was thinking behind the glorified mascot outfit but we can imagine he was wondering how he got to this position in life. Luckily, he doesn’t seem too worried about looking a little weird from time to time.

The kids seemed to be having a blast in their costumes which is really all that matters. There won’t be too many opportunities to give them a Halloween to remember so it’s cool that Kim and Kanye are going all out here. All jokes aside, they probably all had a good time, even if Chicago was a little freaked out about her dad’s costume.

What do you guys think of their family attire?

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