Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Gift North Michael Jackson’s Jacket For Christmas


If you were hoping to luck out on Michael Jackson’s authentic worn jacket at a recent auction, you were unfortunately beaten by none other than Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. The power couple placed the winning bet on MJ’s stunning jacket, which he wore with Elizabeth Taylor, and they’ve found the perfect use for it.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to complete Christmas shopping for those closest to us. Even though we spend the majority of our lives with these people, finding the perfect gift can prove to be an arduous task. Kim and Kanye managed to pull off the impossible though, copping Michael Jackson’s jacket and gifting it to their oldest daughter North West for Christmas. Kardashian West spoke about it on her Instagram story. 

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“For Christmas, Kanye and I gave North this jacket,” said the reality television star, showing off the garment, which contains photographs of Jackson on the inside. “This was Michael Jackson’s jacket that he wore with Elizabeth Taylor. North is a really big Michael Jackson fan and we knew she would love this. We won this on an auction for Northie for Christmas and we had it tacked up so she can wear it and the sleeves are half tacked-up so when she gets older, we can untack the sleeve and it can grow with her and she can have this for her whole life.”

This is an amazing gift for anybody that loves the King of Pop and Northie is lucky to be the owner of it. How much do you think it cost them?

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