Kanye West Mentions “Drake On A Skateboard” On Unreleased Track


Where once was a fruitful creative chemistry, the relationship between Drake and Kanye West has since become fraught with tension. The narrative is well-documented, with Drizzy elaborating on his side of the story during a late-December stint on Rap Radar. And while Kanye has yet to address the situation in-depth, he has occasionally taken to the booth to air his frustrations. The most recent Drake namedrop occurred during an unreleased leak called “Wait For God,” as shared here by HHNM. 

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“I was going to Dennys the other day, I was in Westwood. I seen a tall, light-skinned dude with a beard and shit, I said, ‘that look like Drake right there,'” says Kanye, over some reverberated guitars. “But he was like on a skateboard, I said, ‘I know that ain’t gon’ be Drake on a skateboard.'” He laughs. “I was like man I’ma talk to him right now! I pulled to I swear he looked just like him. I swear he brought beards for light skinned n***as back in style. I said on my first album ‘I’ma make sure light skinned n***as never come back in style.” 

While some have chosen to interpret the line as disrespect, others seem to think Kanye is simply using humor to quell a growing tension. While the idea of Drake on a skateboard is amusing in itself, is it really far-fetched to imagine that Lil Wayne taught him how to ollie on one particularly slow night at the studio? Of course, given the history between Drizzy and Ye, it’s hard not to place every mention under the microscope and interpret accordingly. To be fair, Yeezy likely never intended for this to drop, so does it really count? 

Check out the snippet via HHNM

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