Kanye West Performs Chic-Fil-A Anthem “Closed On Sunday” For Jimmy Kimmel


Leave it to Kanye West to usher in blatant product placement on a gospel album. Though “Closed On Sunday” became an instant fan favorite due to its absurdly on-the-nose Chic-Fil-A bar, some found their immersion shattered by the fast-food name drop. Either way, it would appear Kanye is pushing “Closed On Sunday” as a single of sorts, going so far as to perform the brooding cut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

 Robin Marchant/Getty Images 

To his credit, the dense and layered instrumental transitions effectively to a live setting, especially when the brass and drums enter the arrangement. While there appears to be no shortage of idle hands in the prayer circle, it does give the rendition a certain raw energy, one that might be lost in the transition to YouTube. Say what you will about the man and his unique approach to art, but damned if he doesn’t find new ways to switch up every release.

At this stage, people will either ride with Ye’s new movement or avoid it like a biblical plague — at least, to the best of their ability. Yet with a Jesus Is King tour all but confirmed, it would appear that Yeezy’s presence will only grow more inescapable. Are you interested in catching the Sunday Service experience live and direct? If so, get a preview via Ye’s latest Kimmel performance below. 

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