Kanye West Pulls Over To Give Homeless Veteran Money: Report


Kanye West is a man of God and has vowed to use his platform to serve a higher power. Whether you believe that the new era of his career is actually driven by a higher power or not is objective but the rapper was recently spotted putting his good samaritan hat on as he pulled over his $200K Lambo off an exit in California.

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According to The Daily Mail, the rapper was spotted pulling over next to a Calabasas freeway exit on Wednesday where he gave some cash to a homeless man. The homeless man held a sign reading, “Veteran on the road anything helps.” It’s unclear how much Kanye donated but it’s reported that the rapper ordered his bodyguard to give the man some cash. 

In related news, Kanye West’s embark into gospel music has led him to headline some new type of events. It’s unlikely we’ll see him on the festival circuit in the near future but it has been announced that he’ll be heading to Arizona to headline an Evangelical event this weekend. Unfortunately, the group that’s organizing the event is known for their anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. 

What’s interesting about Kanye aligning himself with a group known for spewing homophobia is that he’s spoken out against homophobia, specifically in hip-hop, earlier in his career. In an interview with Sway in 2005, Kanye West explained that it’s deep-rooted, even claiming that the antonym for hip-hop is the word “gay” due to the heavy anti-LGBTQ narrative that was evident in the culture. 

Kanye’s also stated that his love for Trump doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support the rights of Black people in America, women, or the gay community but it appears that the people he chooses to align himself with clearly don’t.

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