Kanye West Sent Forbes A Shady Text After Billionaire Article


Four years ago, Kanye West had $53 million in personal debt. He didn’t stop hustling though and now, he is officially a billionaire.

Finally being recognized by Forbes as a billion-dollar man, Kanye West is apparently still very unhappy with the magazine after they allegedly incorrectly reported his net worth. It was initially reported that West tried to argue that he has actually made $3.3 billion, and not $1.3 billion like Forbes claimed. Now, it is being reported that West actually sent an angry text message to the publication after their article was published.

According to CNN, Kanye West fired off an angry text after learning that Forbes allegedly undervalued his earnings when they revealed he is officially a billionaire.

Kanye West Billionaire
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

“It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count,” reportedly wrote the artist/fashion designer in a message.

The final total of $1.3 billion was reportedly tallied up with account debts, “asset illiquidity,” and the publication’s trend to “look at self-appraisals somewhat skeptically.”

Regardless of how much money is in Kanye’s bank account, this is still a major success story. Just four years ago, he was tweeting about being in personal debt and now, he’s finally made his way to a very exclusive club. 

Congratulations, Ye!


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