Kash Doll, PoloG, Rico Nasty, & Dreezy Share Jobs They Had Before Rap


Aside from the select few children of famous names who never have to get a job outside of being a celebrity figure, many artists have had to clock in and out of a nine to five. J. Cole was a bill collector, Nicki Minaj worked at Red Lobster, Kendrick Lamar was a bank security guard, Rick Ross was a correctional officer and maintenance man, Tyler The Creator dished out drinks at Starbucks, Logic worked a Jiffy Lube, and Machine Gun Kelly served burritos at ChipotleXXL chatted with the up-and-coming generation of hip hop acts to see what jobs they had before making it to music, and some of them are quite interesting.

Comethazine revealed that he was a “f*cking mechanic! And I used to flip pizzas.” He said that he was a professional at flipping the dough in the air and that’s how he often impressed the ladies. Rico Nasty said she was a cashier at Popeye’s Chicken “in my little sweaty ass biscuit shirt.” Later she got herself a job at the hospital where it was “very depressing, so dark in there and smells like germs.”

Polo G worked at a grocery store pushing carts in the parking lot but once he saw his check, he thought he was putting in too much work for too little pay. Dreezy worked at Subway and then at the Pancake House as a hostess, but once people began to recognize her as a rapper, she decided to give it all up to pursue music full time. Lil Keed got a job at McDonald’s when he was 16-years-old and the last job he had was as a landscaper.

OMB Petty worked retail and admitted to taking the items and reselling them. Coi Leray worked at the supermarket but said that she was bringing home the most money while working in sales. Check out Kash Doll, Flipp Dinero, and a few others as they take a walk down employment memory lane and see what other gigs they had before stacking cash as a rapper.

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