Kawhi Leonard Comments On All The Memes Being Made About Him: Watch


Kawhi Leonard is one of the most enigmatic players in the entire NBA but he is also one of the best. These two things come together to create the perfect storm of meme-worthiness. While some players try way too hard to be quirky, Leonard tries way too hard to appear cool and not seem corny at any given moment. This hasn’t exactly worked in his favor though as almost everything he says is turned into a meme or a Twitter joke. All of last season, Leonard was made fun of for his deadpan expressions.

In the first game of the season, Leonard received even more ribbing for his “hey hey hey” line during his pre-game speech. The whole clip became a hilarious meme on Twitter and was even mimicked by other NBA players. After defeating the Charlotte Hornets last night, Leonard was asked about all of the memes and he gave a pretty entertaining response.

“People love me I guess and love the things I say,” Leonard said in a monotone voice.

His comments certainly got some laughs from members of the media and the Clippers superstar seemed content to divulge on all of the jokes being made. It seems with every waking day, Leonard takes this more and more in stride and it’s been fantastic to see.

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