Kawhi Leonard Loses To Nike In “Klaw” Logo Lawsuit


Kawhi Leonard has consistently been one of the best two-way players in the entire NBA over the last little while and as of right now, he is signed to the sneaker and sports apparel brand, New Balance. Before that, Leonard was a part of Nike and Jordan Brand where he had his very own logo known as the “Klaw.” Leonard has been adamant over the years that he created the logo and has tried to use it for his own brand. However, Nike hasn’t appreciated this and a few years ago, hit him with a cease and desist.

Back in June of 2019, Leonard sued Nike for the rights to use the logo although Nike countersued him back. According to Oregon Live, a judge has made a ruling in the case. Essentially, Leonard’s motion against Nike has been dismissed, with the just stating how Nike’s official “Klaw” logo is different from the one Leonard drew himself.

“Kawhi put his heart and soul into that design so we are obviously disappointed the judge ruled the logo belongs to Nike and not Kawhi,” Leonard’s attorney said. “We’re considering our options to protect Kawhi’s interests.”

Leonard has always been protective of his brand so this latest loss will certainly weigh heavily on him. Stay tuned for updates on how this all plays out in the future.


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