Kawhi Leonard’s Infamous “What It Do Baby” Line Could Be Trademarked Soon


Kawhi Leonard has completely shifted his image over the last year and it’s been quite the wild ride. While playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Leonard was a bit of an enigma and never really showed much personality as he avoided the limelight. Once he was traded to the Toronto Raptors, Leonard began to come out of his shell and while he remained deadpan and monotone, his one-liners and zany moments became the stuff of legend. 

Leonard has been able to use some of his own memes to promote his clothing line with New Balance. For instance, “Fun Guy” and “Board Man Gets Paid” are staples of his partnership with the sportswear company. In a new tweet from trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, it seems as though “What It Do Baby” is the next phrase to get the shirt treatment.

Perhaps the most bizarre part of this whole trademarking process is the fact that Kawhi has sent a request for “City Views Over Interviews.” Fans seem to be a little bit confused about that one as we’ve never actually heard him say it before. Perhaps it’s a mantra he has been keeping to himself for a while although we really don’t know. 

If you’re a fan of Leonard’s New Balance clothes, don’t be surprised if you see these lines on some shirts very soon.

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