Keegan-Michael Key Perfectly Impersonates Barack Obama While Reading Dr. Seuss Book


Keegan-Michael Key has come back on the radar since his recent role as narrator for Netflix’s upcoming Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham series. Ellen DeGeneres is the executive producer of the show so it only made sense for her to invite Keegan on her show in anticipation of the release. The duo played a little game that saw Keegan read the famous book by Dr. Seuss while impersonating other figures. 

John Sciulli/Getty Images 

His first spot-on impersonation was of former President Barack Obama that the audience applauded at in approval. “Say, what a lot of fish there are,” he read, in his best Obama voice. “Yeah, some are red. And some are blue. Some are old and some are new.”

His second impersonation was of Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara. “OK, Jay,” he began, pulling inspiration from her on-screen character Gloria. “I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I Am!” 

At the top of the video, Keegan told the audience that Green Eggs and Ham was the first book his parents ever read to him as a child making his role in the series a dream come true. Peep the full clip below.


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