Kehlani Dropping Music Tomorrow Because Her “Art Works In Real Time”


Almost a month ago to the date, Kehlani shared with fans that the COVID-19 pandemic was delaying the release of her forthcoming project. The Bay Area singer has been sharing a number of singles and collaborations including “Get Me” with Jusitn Bieber from his album Circles, “Konclusions” with ex-boyfriend YG, her break-up jam “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” and her recently released track “Toxic.” Fans have been begging Kehlani to release a new project, but the quarantine hindered her plans.

Kehlani New Music
Jim Spellman / Stringer / Getty Images

However, Kehlani popped up on Instagram with a string of cute and silly selfies to share that she plans on delivering new music this week. “Hi i’m dropping music i care about from an album i rlly care about tomorrow,” she wrote in the lengthy caption. “Quarantined or not i’m going to continue with my mode of expression because my art works in real time.” She added that if she doesn’t release her art when she created it, she will hold onto it until the “right” time happens, which could be never.

“I’d probably be a whole new person with new feelings and new things to write about,” Kehlani concluded. “Right now in this time at 24 this music is how i feel. where i’m at widdit. like Cloud 19 was when i was 19.. or You Should Be Here was when i was 20. this is just 24. so yeah. i’m rambling at this point.” Check out her post in full below.


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