Kehlani Tells Everyone To Mind Their Own On “Everybody Business”


Kehlani came through with her promise to drop a new song today when she unleashed “Everybody Business” on all her haters. The 24-year-old announced that, although the release of her next project had to be postponed, she’ll still be dropping music during quarantine because her “art works in real time,” and on Thursday, that came in the form of a new single. On “Everybody Business,” Kehlani begs a hypothetical lover to drown out all the noise about her and her past relationships that comes from the public. She also flipped Pharrell’s Jay-Z featured track, “Frontin,'” on the chorus, singing, “I know I can take it all / I know they frontin’ / You know they frontin’, bae, yeah.”

The song came with some accompanying visuals directed by Hype Williams that were shot in Kehlani’s backyard. The music video begins with a group of strangers speaking on Kehlani’s love life, questioning why she’s been involved with so many men and indicating that she “belongs to the streets.” One person is shown typing in Google searches like, “kehlani business,” “kehlani rumors,” and “kehlani dating history.” Ultimately, the misconception that Kehlani makes her business everybody else’s business by posting about it online is the core message of the song. Check out Kehlani’s “Everybody Business” single and visuals and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I ain’t never been a half assed lover
Rather lay out on the traintracks for ya
Hit the pavement for ya
Make a statement, you ain’t never had to ask for that
It’s included in the package


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