Keith Sweat “Commends” Jacquees For Being A “Trendsetter” With “King Of R&B” Title


It’s been nearly a year since Jacquees ambushed Keith Sweat while he was being interviewed by the paparazzi. It was radio station V103’s annual WinterFest concert when a cameraman decided to call Keith Sweat the “king,” referencing Jacquees’s self-crowned “King of R&B” title, as the Cash Money singer just happened to be walking by. Jacquees jumped into the conversation and said, “I’m the king… This the king from back then. I’m the king for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But, it’s Big Que.”

Jacquees would later apologize to the legendary R&B icon for his behavior, and in a recent episode of Headline Heat with Bossip, Sweat addressed the awkward encounter. He explained that the person behind the camera may have been trying to stir up some drama by commenting on the “king” issue as Jacquees walked by.

“They said, ‘Keith, what you think about the King of R&B?’ and I said ‘I’m not the king of anything but getting that bag,'” the singer explained. “Jacquees thought I said something else that I didn’t say, but he came and apologized and I couldn’t do anything but respect the fact that he came and apologized.”

Sweat added that now that Jacquees has declared himself the “King of R&B,” there are other artists in his age bracket that are saying the same thing. “You gotta be a trendsetter nowadays,” he said. “Don’t be no follower, be a leader, so I commend him for that. He didn’t have no problem jumpin’ out there and whether it be good or bad, gettin’ the results that he got.” Watch his clip below, including his thoughts on the current state of R&B.


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