KeKe Palmer & Kelly Rowland Talk About What Confused Them About Sex


This quarantine has Kelly Rowland letting her freak flag. The “Coffee” singer has been spending time with a few of her friends on Instagram as they dish a bit of girl talk on Live. Fans have tuned in to watch the Destiny’s Child icon talk about her life, especially her sexual escapades in the bedroom. Days ago, she and bestie Lala Anthony chatted about their favorite sex positions. “I’m a f*cking rider,” Kelly revealed.

KeKe Palmer
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

Recently, Kelly Rowland popped up on Live in a split-screen with KeKe Palmer. The two talked all about sex and Kelly wanted to know what curiosities KeKe had about intercourse before losing her virginity. “I’ll be honest, and this is gonna sound so stupid to everybody that’s watching but I think a lot of people have this question,” KeKe said. “I didn’t understand penetration because I had never had sex.” KeKe laughed at herself for even saying it out loud. “I didn’t understand that penises got hard ’cause I never seen one. So, before sex, I just kept wondering, how do people have sex? The penis is just flat.”

Kelly couldn’t help but laugh at KeKe, but the talk show host didn’t seem to mind as she chuckled at herself, as well. Check out KeKe revealing her childhood confusion below and let us know if you can relate.


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