Kembe X Drops “Off The Leash” Visuals For TDE Appreciation Week


Kembe X’s brand new visuals for his 2019 single, “Off The Leash,” is guaranteed to give you at least a little bit of motion sickness, but in a good way, we promise. The Chicago rapper dropped the official music video for the almost year-old track, which he released last July during an extensive album-hiatus. While he eventually came through with I Was Depressed Until I Made This, in October, fans had had to wait three whole years for a new body of work from the artist, although the title may give an indicator as to why that was. However, the Top Dawg Entertainment-managed MC delivered some new content in the form of the topsy-turvy visuals for “Off The Leash,” in order of TDE Appreciation Week. A whirlwind of bright lights and frame-shifting, the “Off The Leash” visuals elevate Kembe’s rapid-fire flow and the track’s fun beat to a new level.

At one point, he takes the title’s motif quite literally, when he looks down at the leash in his hand and his dog has seemingly turned invisible (or ran away, AKA going “off-leash,” which seems to be the more sensical and applicable explanation). Check out Kembe X’s “Off The Leash” visuals and Happy TDE Appreciation Week!


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