Kendrick Lamar Track Bracket: Round 2 Goes Live With Surprising Results


After finishing up the Kid Cudi and Drake track brackets, we were looking for the perfect artist to continue with, scouring through their discography to determine their best song of all time. In order to pick the right rapper to study, the subject must have a large enough catalog to fully dissect. It helps if their success can be broken up into eras. We threw your suggestions into a pot and ended up settling on Kendrick Lamar, going live with the first round yesterday and continuing today with some shocking picks remaining.

Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

The people have voted and you came up with the sixteen songs going through to the next round. From this point, you will have twenty-four hours to choose what will land in the quarter-finals. There are still some stellar tracks available to vote for; however, a few classics have already been eliminated. Notably, “Cartoons & Cereal” was booted by “i” and “Humble” took a backseat to the “Backstreet Freestyle.” “DNA” also routed “Blacker the Berry,” which will surprise a number of Dot’s fans.

As we close in on the finals, sixteen songs are present in the second round with a decent mix of eras still available. “Alright” will face off against “These Walls,” “Love” and “DNA” are matched up against one another, and “King Kunta” will need some power to outlast “Swimming Pools.” Let us know which tracks you’re voting for this time around. In order to participate, head to our Instagram profile, shoot us a follow, and watch our stories to vote.


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