Kendrick Lamar Ushered In A New Era On “HiiiPower”


In the last decade, Kendrick Lamar has outright proven that he’s a different beast. He unleashed three undeniable classic albums that have made an astronomical impact on the rap game today. However, before there was a DAMN.To Pimp A Butterfly or Good Kid m.A.A.d. City, there was Section.80, an album that many fans would credit for introducing them to his artwork. 

It was “HiiPower” that shook the underground rap scene to its core. Serving as the lead single of Section.80, the song hits its 10-year anniversary today. Kendrick’s impassioned flows cut through the paranoia-inducing production of J. Cole. “Pictures of Martin Luther starin’ at me/ Malcolm X put a hex on my future someone catch me,” raps Kendrick with ease in his tone, as the tension in his voice build-up throughout the record. 

With today marking 10 years since the single was released, we’re more than excited to hear what Kendrick has up his sleeve next.

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Quotable Lyrics 
Grown man never should bite they tongue
Unless you eating pussy that smell like it’s a stale plum
I got my finger on the motherfucking pistol
Aiming it at a pig, Charlotte’s Web is gonna miss you