Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album Rumoured To Be Complete & Rock-Influenced


Kendrick Lamar’s next album must be around the corner. You could feel it in the air, or you could just guess based on the amount of time that Kenny has spent away from the spotlight. Sources have confirmed that he has been hard at work in the studio, but other than that, the TDE team does an impressive job of keeping details under wraps. We haven’t really received information about who Kendrick is working with, which musical direction he’s going in or around when we could expect his new project to drop. However, we may have just gotten a tip about #K5. 

On Saturday (Jan. 11), former Billboard editorial director and current columnist for the publication, Bill Werde, tweeted some stuff he heard from a little birdie: “Did anyone not named Beyonce release better, more meaningful back-to-back albums last decade than Kendrick Lamar? Are you interested to know that I hear from several friends that recording on the new album may finally be done? And that he’s pulling in more rock sounds this time?”

Given Werde’s profession, it’s possible that he has some reliable sources in the music industry. He also pointed out that just because K-Dot is rumoured to have completed the recording stage for the album, doesn’t necessarily mean the album itself is finished and ready for release. “Also, just to be clear, just because recording had hit a point where folks believe it may be finished — albums go back to the studio all the time after this point, and for a million different reasons.”


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