Kenny Mason Is Unapologetic On The Rap-Focused New Single “Rih”


A week after dropping the rock-rap track “Play Ball,” the rollout for Kenny Mason’s long-awaited project Supercut continues. Last month, the Atlanta artist had teased that the album would arrive in April, but to kick the month off, Kenny Mason has instead opted to drop another single. His latest effort is titled “Rih,” and its hook draws inspiration from none other than Rihanna.

In contrast to the singles that he’s been dropping over the past two months, “Rih” is a traditional rap offering from the Atlanta artist that features him dropping bars over quivering production for over two minutes straight. Lyrically, it’s so far Kenny Mason’s most impressive single of 2021, with nods to Rihanna’s classic albums Rated R and Unapologetic as well as shout-outs to the wealth of Atlanta artists that have inspired him, such as Gucci Mane, Young Thug, and Bankroll Fresh.

Check out Kenny Mason’s latest single from the forthcoming Supercut below. How do you think it stacks up against “Partments,” “Pup,” and “Play Ball.” 

Quotable Lyrics

Stick with the red beam, Boba Fett
Stick with no Ed Reed on defense
That mean the safety off it, yes
Even with AC, got ’em sweatin’
Thinkin’ we ain’t eating, gotta say, even for KD, that’s a stretch
Makin’ it seem like it’s eight feet but this shit really ain’t’ deep
N*ggas pressed