KenTheMan Provides An Undeniable Banger On “Might Not Like It”


KenTheMan has been repping Houston for quite some time now and despite the masculine sounding name, KenTheMan is a woman rapper who has all of the confidence in the world, and she is doing her best to rep some of the finest MCs out there. People have already made not of her bass-heavy tracks that immediately grab your attention and on her latest effort “Might Not Like It,” that is exactly what she provides, and then some.

With this song, we immediately hear some banging 808s that set us up for some energy that only KenTheMan can provide. Her bars are braggadocios and she doesn’t seem to care who she offends. If you’re not messing with her, she’s going to have some words for you and that attitude is on full display with this new track. For those who are uninitiated to her music, this is a great entry point and you can stream it, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I ain’t with all that talking
I can get a bitch slapped down
Hoes screaming they don’t like me
See ’em running in a pack now