Keri Hilson Mourns The Loss Of Her Father: “I Wasn’t Ready”


Before the end of the year, Keri Hilson updated fans that she was working “her as off” on new music but all that’s put on hold for now as the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer is sadly mourning the loss of her father, Skip. While it’s unclear just how Keri’s father passed at 71, it’s clear that his sudden death was something she was not ready for or seemingly expecting. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Keri has now taken to Instagram to share a gallery of images of special moments with her father along with short stories about each picture. “I wasn’t ready. I don’t wanna do this. But I want to honor you in as many ways as I can. Forever,” she wrote. “Dad was the coolest, the countriest, the funniest, the smartest. And I am so much of him. My eloquence, my love of words & writing, my cynical sense of humor, my rapid-fire nature, my whistling, my optimism, my eyes, my love for singing, gold jewelry, sports, horses, even painting…turns out, I’m just a “‘SKIP’ off the old block.” So proud to carry so much of this man in my being.”

“I feel like a lost little girl right now,” she added. […] I’m truly going to miss you Dad. I already do. So many wishes left in my heart. I hope you visit me in my dreams so they can come true…I’ll take it.”


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