Kerry Washington Occasionally Receives Text Messages Meant For Kanye West


They may not be the closest of friends, but Kerry Washington and Kanye West have a few things in common. The rapper name-dropped the actress in his 2018 song “All Mine” when he cleverly said, “If I pull up with a Kerry Washington / That’s gon’ be an enormous scandal,” but it was a just a witty reference more than a nod to an industry pal. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Kerry visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday and shared an interesting story about sometimes receiving texts that are meant for the Jesus Is King rapper-producer. It seems as if their high-profile friends try not to put their names in their phones, instead choosing to use “KW” to keep prying eyes at bay.

“We are friendly,” the American Son actress said. “We have a lot of friends in common. We’re not really friends, but we have a lot of friends in common. And, actually, about once a year… I think a lot of people have us programmed in their phones as KW. So, I’ll get a text, like once a year where I’m like, ‘That is not for me.'”

While they aren’t buddies, Kerry shared that she’d love to attend one of Ye’s Sunday Services. “Shout out to Kanye.” Watch her full clip below and see if she’ll be voting for the rapper in 2024.


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