Kevin Durant Adds Nuance To COVID-19 Situation


Kevin Durant went through quite a bit last Friday as he was looking to play against the Toronto Raptors. Prior to the game, Durant was told he needed to take a COVID test as someone he was in contact with, got the virus. From there, Durant was cleared to play although halfway through the game, KD was pulled from the lineup and told he couldn’t compete in any games for a whole week. The whole thing was pretty bizarre and led to a lot of criticism directed towards the NBA.

Now, Durant is speaking out on the ordeal. In an interview with Malika Andrews of ESPN, Durant explained what it was like being pulled from the game and how he felt like the whole thing was unfair. Durant felt like he was ready to play, and at this point, he just wants to be back on the court.

Kevin Durant

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

“It was just an unfortunate situation,” Kevin Durant said. “I was looking forward to that game that night and being told right before tipoff that I had to wait a second for a test. You know, it just threw off the rhythm, my rhythm a bit because I wanted to go out there and play, but I’m back out there now. It is what it is.”

Durant had originally taken to Twitter following the COVID ordeal, and as you can imagine, he was being his sarcastic self. Now, Durant will get to return on Saturday, where he will take on his former team, the Golden State Warriors, in the Bay Area.