Kevin Durant Delivers High Praise To Lonzo Ball Ahead Of NBA Season


Lonzo Ball’s first two seasons have been topsy turvy although there have certainly been times where he has had flashes of brilliance. Due to his situation in Los Angeles, he was eventually traded to the New Orleans Pelicans who are looking like a solid young team who have a chance to do big things in the years to come. Ball has even caught the eye of none other than Kevin Durant who was recently asked about the oldest Ball brother on the Knuckleheads podcast of The Players Tribune.

“I really think Lonzo could be pretty good too,” said Durant. “I held him to such a high standard when he got into the league. I had to realize what he was as a player — he was just a do-everything. You don’t notice he’s out there until he makes a flashy pass. Outside of that he’s just going to play solid, play defense, make the right plays, never complain, never argue to the refs, never distract you.”

Durant went on to say that people have judged Lonzo unfairly because of his father’s presence in the media and that he’s actually a great player who just needs a bit more time to develop. KD also felt as though other people’s opinions on Lonzo we clouding his judgment but now, he knows exactly why Lonzo is an effective player.

If you’re Ball, you have to be feeling more confident after this high praise.



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