Kevin Durant Explains What He Appreciates Most About Draymond Green


During their time in Golden State together, there was a lot of speculation that Kevin Durant and Draymond Green didn’t have a good relationship. Green is a fiery guy on the bench and whenever Green could be seen yelling at KD, it would come across as a big “to-do.” Eventually, when KD decided to leave the Warriors for good, some in the media cited a potential rift between KD and Draymond as the reason for the exodus.

Since that time, the two have seemingly made amends and Green was even on KD’s podcast, where they reminisced about the good times. More recently, KD sat down with Gillie Da King, where they talked about KD’s stint with the Warriors and how it all went down.

Kevin Durant & Draymond Green

Yong Teck Lim/Getty Images

As KD explains in the clip below, it took a while to get used to Green’s motivational tactics. In OKC, Durant felt like there was no one to hold him accountable although Green was the opposite. In fact, Durant appreciated having a teammate who would keep him in check, and that the only real difference between them was the fact that Durant preferred to be quieter when dishing out criticism. Overall, Durant truly loved having Green as a teammate, and there is simply no beef there.

Over the past couple of weeks, Durant has helped defeat some of the narratives surrounding his career and we’re sure he will continue to do just that as he progresses with the Brooklyn Nets.

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