Kevin Durant Reacts To Steph Curry’s Devastating Hand Injury: Watch


Kevin Durant and Steph Curry were teammates for three years in Golden State so if anybody knows how much of an impact Curry has on that team, it would be KD. Last night, Curry ended up breaking his hand in a game against the Phoenix Suns and now, it is being reported that he could actually miss the next few months. The Warriors are already looking ahead to the draft and for now, the Warriors in a horrible predicament.

Seemingly at the perfect time, Durant was on ESPN’s First Take where he was asked about the injury. Durant compared Curry going down to his Achilles and said it was really tough to watch. KD also said it makes it even worse because Klay Thompson is injured as well.

“Luckily, it wasn’t anything more serious than that, especially seeing Klay [Thompson] out for the whole season and myself out for the whole year,” Durant said. “I’m sure he’ll be back playing again, but it was tough to see him just break his hand on TV. He’s been doing so much and the team is still transitioning and it’s a new group and a young group, so he’s trying to do so much. Having him out is going to be tough for them to sustain, so hopefully he gets back and gets healthy.”

Stay tuned for updates on Curry’s injury as we will make sure to bring you all of the latest information. 


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