Kevin Durant Responds To Fat Joe’s Criticism About Nets Signing


Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets this past summer because they couldn’t handle all of the pressure that comes with being on the New York Knicks. At least, that’s how Fat Joe feels about the situation.

The noted Knicks fan offered his thoughts on KD’s and Kyrie’s free agency decision during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, as he explained that Brooklyn’s new All-Star duo “didn’t want that smoke” on the Knicks. Durant issued his response on twitter Wednesday afternoon, shortly after Joe’s comments started making the rounds.

“Oh that’s just Joey crack trying to sell that album, go cop that family ties on December 6.”

Joey Crack’s full comments on the matter:

“You gotta understand, a lot of players, and I’ll call ’em out – Kyrie [Irving], [Kevin] Durant – they don’t want that New York Knicks pressure. They didn’t want that media attention. They didn’t want Sports Illustrated being right in their backyard. They didn’t want that, so they said, ‘alright, we want New York, but let’s do the lesser of the drama, let’s go to Brooklyn.”

When asked if that was a direct shot at Durant & Irving, Joe quickly replied, “It definitely was, and those are my good friends. They didn’t want that smoke.” His comments come just one day after Kevin Garnett opined that he didn’t think Kyrie had “the cojones” to compete in Boston.


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