Kevin Durant Shows Off Impressive Shooting Skills Amidst Recovery: Watch


This season has been a complete write-off for Kevin Durant as he has to miss the entire campaign with a ruptured Achilles. Durant sustained the injury during the NBA Finals last season and it’s been a struggle ever since. Typically, Achilles injuries can spell trouble for a player’s career but when it comes to KD, it seems like he is taking it all in stride. Durant has shown some pretty amazing progress so far and every day, it seems like he comes through with a visual progress report.

The latest example of KD’s quick rehab is the video below which shows Durant shooting threes without even jumping. Of course, when you’re recovering from an Achilles injury, you can’t really afford to leave your feet so KD is experimenting with his no jumper, jumper. 

It’s too early to tell whether or not KD will be able to get back to his old self by next season but so far, the chances are stacked in his favor. He will be joining a Brooklyn Nets team that boasts the services of Kyrie Irving who is widely considered to be a top-five point guard in the league. Once these two link up, the whole Eastern Conference will be flipped upside down and we can’t wait to see it.


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